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How to raise a Dogue de Bordeaux?

There are breeds out there that are suitable for beginners, when speaking of dogs, but also some that need an experienced owner to come out well. For example, someone who never had a dog as a pet or for breeding should never start with a Tibetan Mastiff. These dogs are quite hard to raise and never get enough of anything, especially if you need time to figure out what to do. A DDB (Dogue de Bordeaux) is not that hard to breed, but still nothing for beginners, since there are some skills needed only previous owners would know.


Never forget to do this


Not only as a young pup, a DDB should never stop socializing, because that gives him a sense of the surrounding and a certain tendency to rely on people even if they met the first time. Not only new individuals and strangers could cause a problem, but also other animals. Therefore, work on the playfulness, even though they might not be much up to that, and trying to be in groups as much as possible, will help you. Every new owner needs to know that in case he or she cannot meet all the things and expectations, not only will there be problems on their side, but also for the dog.


Dogs of a big breed like the Dogue de Bordeaux need at least a big corner in a room where no one sleeps, eats or works. That way they will have their little place to go to, and all their snoring, gassiness and similar stuff will be hidden. A DDB needs an owner who doesn't go away, and if yes, then only for short periods and who never leaves the dog alone. Otherwise, once you get home, you will find some damage and a lot of personality changes in your pet’s behavior.