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Personality of a Dogue de Bordeaux

Also known as DDB, the Dogue de Bordeaux has some quite distinct lines and features that diverge from many other dog breeds. The general information would be that dogs out of this kind can live up to 12 years and usually weight 50 to 60 kg. They look quite alike the dangerous dog group (Pit Bulls and similar), but that is only the looks. Dogue de Bordeaux dogs are quite affectionate, they love human beings and children especially, but only if they already know them. Every new person that may come close to them will be 'questioned' and put to a few tests. But don't worry, these dogs are very gentle and love it to be around people they trust and love.


An old breed for modern owners

The Dogue de Bordeaux breed is known for more than 600 years now, and it originates from the French region of Bordeaux. These dogs are known for their healthy body, incredibly fearless temperament and, which is not that important, a huge head. Sometimes it is a traveler that brings a breed to new places and makes it popular there, but in this case, it was Tom Hanks. In his movie Turner and Hooch, he owned one of these amazing dogs, and from that moment it goes only upwards regarding popularity.


Since they are not that welcoming to strangers and other animals you will need to do constant socialization and training with your dog. Their sweetness and docile personality will make it all much easier and maybe show you a way to dog competitions. In case you cannot handle a stubborn and sometimes also arrogant dog, then you should never go with a Dogue de Bordeaux. If you make sure to do enough sports and other activities with your DDB, then you won't face any personality issues and will love it more than any other breed you can have.